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Pool Remodeling & Renovations

Pool Remodeling

Renew, refresh, renovate!

Is your pool stuck in the 90s? A little ‘worse for wear’? Beyond aesthetics, maybe you have some safety concerns about loose tile or coping? Sometimes a little TLC is all you need to get your pool looking like new again. Or, let our design experts help you transform your pool into the backyard oasis it was always meant to be! 

From pool re-plastering, to pool coping replacement and pool tile replacement, we’re more than happy to schedule a free estimate to help you with your plans. Come by our showroom to see, touch and discuss the latest options available to you. We’ll work together to create a comprehensive plan for your pool.

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Total Pool Remodeling

We work with customers looking to re-plaster their pool with standard white plaster, as well as those looking to change the look of their pool with upgraded plaster options:

  • Quartzscapes
  • Stonescapes
  • River Rock
  • Diamond Brite

There are even options with-in options. We can add rolled glass beads or abalone shell to customize some plaster selections. In most re-plasters the time line is as follows:

  • Estimate
  • Option Selection
  • Deposit
  • Pool Drain
  • Prep Around Fittings, Tile, and Stone
  • Removal of Delaminated Plaster
  • Replacement of Jet Body (we highly recommend)
  • Plaster Prep
  • Plaster Day (weather permitting)
  • Pool Fill (pool filling cannot be stopped until pool is full)
  • Chemical Startup Procedure
  • Pool Filter Cleaning

Ready to Swim! 

Replacing the tile and coping can add a few more steps.

We also offer:

Pool Tile Replacement - New Pool Tile

A perfect time to replace pool tile is during a pool re-plastering. That being said, we can replace the tile without new plaster. The pool will still need to be drained so that we can demolish the existing tile and set the new tile chosen.




Pool Coping Replacement

In a coping only replacement, we will have to drain the pool, perform a light acid wash on the plaster as we clean up our mess, and replace the mastic. Sometimes we also replace the spa veneer and spillway. Here are a few coping options:

  • Oklahoma Blend Flagstone
  • Travertine
  • Leuders (many options and one of our favorites)
  • Custom Concrete Sections and more.

Mastic Replacement - Caulking Between Coping And Pool Decking

Mastic is the caulking between your pool decking and the coping (brick or stone) around the perimeter of your pool. Maintaining good mastic prevents water from seeping down under your pool decking and behind the shell of your pool. This is especially important to correct before the winter arrives and freezing temperatures turn water into ice, causing damage to your pool.

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Glass Bead Blasting - Enjoy Sparkling Pool Tiles!

Bead blasting is a safe and effective pool tile cleaning service. The clear advantage is that it cleans tile better than water pressure washing, but isn’t as harsh as sandblasting. The result is sparkling clean, well preserved and intact pool tile. Contact us for a free estimate!
bead blasting pool tile

What are you waiting for?

Contact us today for a free pool evaluation and get your pool looking beautiful!

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Tired of spending your precious free time cleaning your pool? Feeling frustrated by the algae growth? Don't worry, we're here to help!

Pool Remodeling FAQs

When does a pool need to be resurfaced/replastered?

On average a pool should be replastered about every 10-12 years. A residential pool typically needs replastering only when it shows visible signs of deterioration. Surface stains, roughness, discolorations, cracks, loose pebbles, flaking or peeling are all signs that a pool needs to be resurfaced.

What does it cost to resurface/replaster a pool?

As of 2022, the average cost to replaster a pool with standard white plaster is between $6-8 per square foot. Keep in mind that takes into account height and width of the bottom, as well as the sides. The average residential pool is around 1000 sq ft.


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