Weekly Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

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Has your pool algae taken over, leaving you with an uninviting green pool? We offer a full-service weekly pool maintenance solution. Our job is to ensure you maintain access to an algae-free clean pool, by cleaning your pool on a weekly basis. Have a saltwater pool? No problem. We maintain saltwater pools, as well as chlorine.

Our weekly service includes netting the surface and bottom and emptying the skimmer baskets, pump basket and cleaner bag, if present. We will also brush and vacuum as necessary, backwash the DE filter and make routine chemical adjustments. We can use separate leaf vacuums, available on all our trucks, to reduce the load on your pool filter.

The service we provide is pretty well turn-key. All we ask of you, is to keep the pool full of water, pay invoices on time and be an extra set of eyes and ears between our visits. If you see something odd or hear a funny sound, reporting it quickly can prevent costly repairs.

Prices beginning at $200.00 per month plus tax for average sized pool/spa combo with CC on file for auto pays.
Prices beginning at $225.00 per month plus tax for average sized pool/spa combo without CC on file for auto pays.

Vacation Pool Cleaning

Heading out of town for a week or two?

Our vacation pool service includes the same service as our regular weekly service offers. We keep your pool clean and email you with updates and pictures so you don’t have to worry. Relax, we got this!

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Acid Wash Pool Cleaning

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Depending on the age and condition of your plaster, an acid wash may refresh the look of the surface of the plaster. During an acid wash, we drain the pool, typically clean the filter, apply an acid/water mixture to the surface of the plaster and pressure wash the plaster. This process usually takes a day to complete. After the acid and pressure washing is done, we will turn the water on to fill the pool. Once you let us know the pool is full, we will swing back by to turn the system on and get the pool running again.

Let us know if you are interested in a free estimate to determine if your plaster could benefit from an acid wash!

Storm Cleanup

As you know, Texas weather has its own personality! If your pool has been hit by a popup storm, we can provide a free estimate for the storm cleanup. We can handle leaves and limbs as well as complete drains if your yard has dumped mud into the pool.

Ask us for a free storm cleanup estimate.

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Pool Cleaning FAQs