Swimming Pool Remodel with new pool plaster, tile, coping, stone work or a water fall.

Today there are so many pool plaster colors, tiles, pool plaster types, and different types of stone to use in a pool remodel. In the past many pools were built with the traditional white paster, a blue themed tile and bull-nosed brick coping. 

Now pool plaster options for a pool remodel range from the traditional white, to a color added plaster, a color added plaster with a quartz type material for sparkle, to a plaster that looks and feels like tiny little river pebbles in an almost unimaginable color range! 

New tile for a pool remodel can range from the traditional blue-themed options, stone, granite, marble, synthetic and screen-printed.

Coping options can range from the traditional bull-nosed brick option to marble, stone, and flagstone for your pool remodel.

Southlake Pools can help bring your vision to a reality and offer you a variety of options and samples for your “New and Improved” pool! 


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