Pool Mastic around a swimming pool.

The technical term is Mastic, but it is essentially the caulking between your pool decking and the coping (brick or stone) around the perimeter of your pool.  The sealant acts as the expansion joint that expands and contrasts during warm and cold weather.  Having good mastic prevents water from seeping down under your pool decking and behind the shell of your pool.  This is especially important to correct before the winter arrives and freezing temperatures turn that water into ice and cause damage.

Mastic can also be installed in normal expansion joints in your pool deck or driveway, preventing dirt and leaves from collecting and helping keep these areas clean.  Some older pool decks have a plastic cover in the expansion joints that can be damaged in hail storms.  These can be removed and replaced with the same Mastic used around your pool.  Mastic typically comes in White, Gray, or Tan and can be sprinkled with a light coat of sand before drying to blend in with the stone in your coping or the color of your pool decking.


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