Repair Services

Do you need a new pool filter, pool automation systems repair or valves replacement? Check out our pool repair services. We take care of all your pool needs!

Pool Filter Repair or Replacement

Fortunately, the vast majority of the internal parts of DE filters and pool cartridge filters are still made and available. That being said, a number of the outer bodies are not made anymore, especially older stainless steel bodies. We believe that if we can replace bulkhead fittings, grids or cartridges to extend the life of the filter, then we should. Possible times when the pool filter needs to be replaced:

  • The body is cracked (mixing new body parts with old body parts is not recommended).
  • The filter is not made anymore.
  • The existing filter is too small for the mature nature around the pool.

Please let us know how we can help repair your pool filter.

Pool Cleaner Repair

As described in the pool cleaner maintenance section, most cleaners can easily be repaired. Some pool cleaners repairs are as simple as replacing a debris bag. Others may require a complete rebuild of the pool cleaner drive train assembly. We have come across some pool cleaners that would cost more to repair than to replace.  If this is the case, we would be happy to provide an estimate for replacement.

Pool Automation Systems Repair

Technology drastically changed pool controls within a few decades. There are now options to program and control a pool’s features from a smart phone app. When broken down, there are only a few issues to repair on an automation system:

  • Bad Control Board
  • Bad Temperature Sensor
  • Wiring Issue
  • Bad Relay
  • Bad Communication Wire
  • Connection Issue for Wireless
  • Loss of Power to Controls
  • Damaged Spa Side Remote

We usually need to make a site visit to confirm the issue so that we may provide an accurate estimate.

Pool Mechanical Timers, Controls Repair

There are a number of pools that are set up with a very simple timer control. When these fail, it is usually repaired with a simple replacement of the timer mechanism.

Suction & Pressure Valves Repair or Replacement

It is important for the valves associated with the water flow to be working correctly. Types of valves:

  • Suction- Controls the Water From Pool/ spa
  • Pressure- Controls Water Back to Pool/ spa
  • Check- Keeps Water Where it is Supposed to Be
  • Backwash- DE Filters
  • Air Relief- Filter Gauge Assembly


If the suction valves in-front of or before the pump are leaking or damaged, they may not let the pump run correctly because they could be allowing air into the system when on, and after the system is off. We have seen pumps fail from not being able to move water correctly and were able to track the issue back to bad o-rings on some of the suction valves.


An issue with a return valve will most likely show up as a leak when the system is running. At times the water leak may be small but when the system shuts off, it could allow air to enter the system resulting in the pool filter pump losing its prime and not running correctly.


These valves are EXTREMELY important when the system shuts off after normal operation. They are designed to keep the water where it is supposed to be. This factor is very important when the pool equipment is higher than the pool. On systems where the spa is higher than the pool, they will also help keep the water level in the spa full.


Usually associated with DE pool filters and sand pool filters. If they are not working correctly, they could allow debris back into the pool or could be leaking water when running.

Air Relief:

These valves are normally on the top of the filter and are used to bleed off air that has gotten into the system. When the system is running and the air relief valve is opened, the air is released until water starts coming out of the release port. At this time, the valve is closed and you can get an accurate filter pressure reading.

If the air relief valve is bad, it acts like a bad pressure side valve.

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