Pool Pump & Filter Pump Repair

The purpose of the pool pump is to pull the water from the pool, send it thru a filter and eventually back into the pool. If there are issues with the pump, it may not be able to pull the water correctly or efficiently and you'll need a pool repair. Possible issues with the pool filter pump:

  • Bad Pool Pump Motor
  • Bad Start Capacitor
  • Wiring Issue
  • Cracked or Warped Lid
  • Damaged Lid O-Ring
  • Cracked Pool Pump Body
  • Damaged Impeller
  • Damaged Diffuser
  • Clogged Basket
  • Clogged Impeller
  • Leaking Shaft Seal or Seal Plate Gasket

Our trucks are usually stocked with the most common parts for the major pump brands, and with your approval, we can make the necessary pool repairs. Depending on the age and condition of the pump, we may recommend replacement with a newer more efficient model that comes with a multi-year parts and labor warranty.