Pool Heater Repair / Spa Heater Repair

A pool heater or spa heater can be set to heat the entire pool or just the spa, depending on each pool's setup. It can be used to begin the swimming pool season a few weeks early, extend the season for a few extra weeks, or heat the pool up for a winter holiday party (heating for a winter holiday party will take some extra time and natural gas).

Pool heater or spa heater issues can at times be very simple repairs. When there is poor water flow from a pool pump issue, leaking suction valve, or a dirty pool filter, the pool heater’s safety features could prevent the heater from trying to ignite. There are several other safeties that the pool heater will check before allowing ignition. A few simple pool heater issues:

  • Failed Automation Water Temperature Sensor
  • Failed Heater Water Temperature Sensor
  • Dirty Pool Filter
  • Failed Water Pressure Switch
  • Poor Water Flow from Bad Suction Valve
  • Poor Water Flow from Pool Filter Pump Issue
  • Loose or Bad Pool Filter Pump lid
  • Bad Automation Communication Wire
  • There are times when the repairs are not so simple:
  • Rust in the Fire Box
  • Damaged or Leaking Heat-Exchanger
  • Damaged or Leaking Headers
  • Bad Gas Valve
  • Incorrect Gas Pressure
  • Bad control boards

Depending on the issue, age, and general condition of the pool or spa heater, there are times when it is better to replace, than to repair.