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Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pool Pump Upgrade

If you are looking for a way to reduce your electrical use for your pool, you might consider any number of pool upgrades. For example, a variable speed pump is a great option. If managed properly, there have been examples of up to a 90% reduction of energy use! We have been installing variable speed pumps for many years and enjoy helping our customers experience the savings.

Please Note: In the picture for the Wireless Pool Controls Upgrade, there are 2 variable speed pumps running at the same time. Pump 1 is running on its lowest speed setting and using only 21 watts (less than a hallway nightlight!) while pump 2 is running at its highest speed setting (the only speed a single speed pump operates at) Thats a savings of over 2400 watts!

Smart Phone Pool Controls / Wireless Pool Controls Upgrade

Whether you already have an existing automation system or are looking to install one, there are several wireless control options available. We have helped many customers enjoy the ease of wireless controls. There are automation upgrades available to allow pool control and programming from a smart phone app or thru an internet browser on a computer. Imagine turning your spa on when you leave work and have it ready for you when you arrive home!

LED Lighting Option Upgrade | Color Changing and Energy Efficient

We have helped many customers transform pool nightlife dramatically by simply changing the light fixtures out to color LED. If your lighting fixtures are bad, or you are looking to revamp the look of your pool at night we can help you upgrade your pool and spa lights. The LED fixtures are energy efficient too! Automation systems are not needed to control LED light options.

Pool Heater Upgrade | Automatic Bypass Option

Newer pool heaters are not only more efficient than their predecessors but they have been designed in a way to drastically reduce future rust issues.  One of our favorite options is an automatic bypass. A heater with this option can automatically bypass the heat exchanger and reduce energy use when the heat is not being used, making the system more efficient.

Time For a Pool Remodel? - Plaster Tile Coping

Much like the rest of your home, a pool increasingly shows its age as it gets older. From a simple white plastering to a complete remodel with upgraded plaster such as QuartzScapes or StoneScapes. Southlake Pools can help you bring your vision to reality. Contact us to discuss your options!

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