Southlake Pools Customer Testimonials


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by G.S. in Colleyville, TX


Hi Ben,

Just wanted to take a moment to say what a great job Jimmy did on my install. You’ve got a great employee in him and I’ve been thrilled with his work on the pool light as well as this job.

B.P. in Lewisville, TX


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by N.B. in Southlake, TX


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by B.R. in Colleyville, TX


5 Star Review on HomeAdvisor.com by P.C in Southlake

Friendly people, well-done work. Fixed leak in underground pipe.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by C.T. in Southlake, TX

Overall great service and followed through on everything that they said they would do. They were on time, professional in all communications as well as flexible in being able to both call and text updates as I was in and out of meetings. Allowed the job to be done in a matter of hours vs. drawing out over days. We will use them in future and highly recommend.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by J.J. in Flower Mound, TX


5 Star Review on HomeAdvisor.com from Roanoke, TX

Pleasant service technician.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by R.K. in Coppell, TX


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by C.S. in Flower Mound, TX

They were quick to respond, right on time, and gave a very fair bid on the job. In fact, I appreciated their professionalism so much, I hired them for weekly service.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by R.R. in Euless, TX

I started out with one of the deals and I kept them. I want them rated A’s all the way across. These guys are incredible. My pool looks good all the time. I’m never afraid to invite somebody over to swim. It is beautiful. It looks better than it ever did when I was taking care of it. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. I have a large pool and they offered me the best bid of $150.00 a month and they do all the chemicals, all the cleaning. It’s a fabulous deal for me. They keep it absolutely spotless. If I have any work, I pay for it like a filter cleaning but they’re reasonable and they do a good job. My pool has never looked better. They have been the best service I’ve hired, better than my lawn mowing, better than everybody else I’ve got. I love my pool service. They come out once a week and if there’s a problem, they come out a little more often and they left me a note or they called me to let me know what I could do to help them since they come out once a month. They have done a wonderful job. They’re right on schedule. They called me a lot of times because the guy is afraid of my dogs. I really want to give them a glowing recommendation because these guys are great and they’re incredibly responsive. I even asked them to do something kind of strange because my yard was eroding and my pool filter was unleveled so they came and leveled my pool filter for me and it woks fantastic now. I haven’t had any trouble since they leveled it. These guys are the best service that I think I’ve had in years. They have been Johnny on the spot for me. They listen. They’re right on time. They’re punctual. They do what they’re supposed to do. They’re quite friendly. They will fix or find somebody to fix whatever is the problem with my pool. I don’t have a single complaint about these guys.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by B.S. in Southlake, TX

Southlake Pools replaced a broken gasket in my pool filter’s multi-port valve, and it works fine now.


Review by Deirdre L. in Colleyville, TX

Southlake pools called me promptly and set up a time the next day. Technician was on time and did a professional job. I am just starting out with this company for regular service. Happy with the experience so far!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by J.F. in Southlake, TX


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by P.G. in Grapevine, TX

During the middle of the Great Storm of 2015, our pool pump seized up. They answered my call and were out the next day. Had a pipe frozen solid that he was able to remove and took back to the shop with him to thaw. They were great!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D.F. in Trophy Club, TX


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by M.B. in Hurst, TX

I recently moved into a house with a pool. As a first time pool owner, I wanted someone to come out and look over my pump system and make sure everything was running well.  I called Michelle on a Friday at Southlake Pools after reading their reviews on Angie’s List.  She said she would be able to have somebody come over on Monday unless I needed something sooner. I asked if it was possible to have them come out today and she called back and said Jim would stop by today. Jim arrived and inspected the pump, noticing a clog in the booster pump.  He took it apart, and got it working properly.  In addition he gave me a very thorough explanation of how everything worked.  For something that I originally thought was complicated, he broke it down and made it make sense.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Southlake Pools without hesitation, and plan on contacting them if I ever have any issues with my pool.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by J.K. in Flower Mound, TX

Ben was amazing. I found him on Angie’s List and called him in desperation needing someone to come at their earliest convenience to try and get our pool running again as the header was stripped and our thermostat/plug flew out and would allow gallons of water to shoot out the side of the heater. He graciously offered to come by my house–only an HOUR wait– and I didn’t even have an appointment. He told me the cost of repair, but since it was an expensive fix, offered to bypass our heater so our pool would be up and running while we decided how we wanted to approach the repair without feeling rushed to make a costly decision. He was so courteous, straightforward, and to top it all off, said the bypass was so easy and quick so he wasn’t even charging us anything. Unbelievable. We will definitely be using Ben in the future for ALL our pool needs and will recommend him exclusively.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by N.B. in Southlake, TX

Ben is very professional and cares about his business. I called them to help clean up the pool at the beginning of the season and they did a great job. I now use them weekly to keep the pool sparkling. They are proactive on any repairs so I do not run into problems. He is great to let me know if a problem should be addressed first with my warranty company, to try to save me money. Great company!!!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by R.R. in Euless, TX

Pool care and maintenance. Since hiring Southlake Pools, I haven’t worried whether the pool was ready for swimming ; it is ALWAYS ready for company. It has never looked more ready.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by L.C. in Coppell, TX

We like that they do an auto email every time they visit our pool. They clean the pool and they let us know if there is any issue through the email.  They tell when the technician got to the house and how long they were there.  They tell if there was anything odd and if the water levels are what they are supposed to be.  They come once a week to clean the pool.  They have been very responsive to emails.  The price is average.  Their customer support and communication skills are outstanding.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D.H. in Colleyville, TX

They removed the pool cover that we had them install in October and got the pool ready for us to use. Ben runs a great organization and provides incredible customer service! He responds immediately to our calls and bends over backwards to help keep our pool and equipment running and in good condition.  If you’ve never called Southlake Pools, give Ben a call. You’ll be a customer for life!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by K.M. in Grapevine, TX

I am a first time pool owner. I’ve used some of the ‘bigger companies’ in the past when I needed a pool repair and have always been disappointed.  Now that I am a member of Angie’s list I found Southlake Pools.  Even though I wasn’t an established client Ben came out first thing in the morning to fix my filter.  Luckily he was able to look at my pool and tell me I only needed to add water.  He wouldn’t even charge me for his visit.  I will definitely be using Southlake Pools for all my pool needs in the future!  Thanks Ben!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by C.M. in Colleyville, TX

Came out the morning after I called (after business hours the night before) found the issue…operator error (sheepish grin here), showed us how to prevent in the future. Refused to even take any payment. So appreciate his honesty and integrity…would love to hire him to take care of the pool always.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by G.D. in Southlake, TX

They installed a new pump, filter, heater and automation system.  It went very well. They did a great job. The owner was very good at getting me estimates, at responding and doing the installation.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by M.B. in Keller, TX

Did a great job, one-time cleaning and great feedback on the service provided.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by S.A. in Colleyville, TX

We use Southlake Pools. I called them out two different times. They came out the last time to fix my pump.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D.W. in Grapevine, TX

This company is great!  Ben is knowledgeable, patient, helpful and an all around great guy.  Very prompt with responses and has been a tremendous help with my very old pool and equipment.  Can’t recommend him enough.  


Review by Anthony F. in Southlake, TX

Gave the same work quote as other contractors, but with the best value ($). Did what they said they would do. During coping replacement a couple of minor issues were fixed at no charge to customer. Would definitely get them to quote any future pool work/repair.  


Email from one of our customers:

I just wanted to let you know that I have gone through quite a few pool companies over the years and your company is doing an awesome job hands down. I am a business owner and I know that honesty, integrity and professionalism are key to longivity and success and your company has shown them all….I pray for increase and continued success for you, again, thank you!

Sincerely, R. &  B. H. in Flower Mound, TX


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D.U. in Southlake, TX

Ben is the BEST!!  He is prompt, friendly, reasonably priced and honest.  I would refer Southlake Pools to anyone.  


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by M.N. in Southlake, TX

Ben and his team are great – they keep our pool clean and all of the equipment in good working order.  Any time I had a question, I always got a speedy and knowledgeable response.  I would recommend Southlake Pools to anyone looking to free himself from the hassle of maintaining a pool.


Review by Customer in Keller, TX

Southlake Pools visited our home on a Saturday early enough for our granddaughter’s 2nd birthday pool party. We appreciated this very much. We use them on a regular basis and have found they go the extra mile to do what the customer needs.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by M.H. in Keller, TX

It went great and the equipment that had failed was replaced. Ben is a great person and makes you feel like you really count and he tries to save you money when the repairs are made. I had a leak in my pool and Ben gave me the name of the man he uses instead of charging me the middle man price.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by L.Z. in Grapevine, TX

I’ve had a nagging problem for 2 months. I called Ben this morning and he was looking at the problem within an hour. The other service I called couldn’t come out for 5 more days. Cancelled that service call (sorry Leslie’s). He had fixed the problem in 10 minutes. I definitely recommend this company and will use them in the future. Thanks again Ben.


Review by Mark U. in Southlake, TX

Technician showed up as scheduled, pleasant and professional. Did a great job hooking up a new two speed pump and re plumbed all of the PVC at theology equipment. Replaced electrical conduit and installation was clean. Only thing preventing five stars are a couple of leaks in the PVC joints that required a return visit. I would still recommend.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by S.G. in Bedford, TX

I found them through the Angie’s List big deal. I called them up and they came out right away and I have been using them ever since. There are no hidden fees. I have had them do additional repair work. One of the things that I really like about them. I can send a text message to the owner of the company and he responds. I have a regular pool schedule, which I like. They do really good work. After the guy gets done, he will email me a message of what he did, when he was there and if there are any issues with the pool. They are very thorough. They are less expensive than my old pool company. I will continue to use them.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D.L. in Southlake, TX

I was very happy with the service received. They cleaned our filter and did not leave a mess. I would definitely recommend them.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D.P. in Southlake, TX

We have used Southlake Pools for 2 years now and until recently have had no complaints. This year we have had a problem with algae. At first I was upset but when I sent Ben a photo of the problem he had someone here in a few hours. It took a while for the algae to go away but it did. I was pleased with the quick response to the problem and recommend this company.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by C.A. in Southlake, TX

Changed a pool heater, removed one part that was no longer functioning, and cleaned up the whole equipment area. Ben was prompt, polite, responsive, and did a great job. Will definitely use again.


Review by Donald J. in Southlake, TX

Good value for the money. Did not try to sell me something I didn’t need.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by M. in Grapevine, TX

Very proffesional!!!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by J.A. in Southlake, TX

Southlake Pools are a very professional operation. Ben (and Judson) are prompt, polite, knowledgeable, and treat my pool as if it were their own. The price is slightly less than average rates offered by other firms that quite possibly would not provide the same high level of quality. For the pool light repair, Ben provided six different options with an estimate for each (halogen bulb only, bulb plus fixture, halogen-to-LED kit only, full LED retrofit, etc.). These estimates were very clear and thorough and allowed me to make a very informed choice about which path to follow. For the polaris repair, Judson noticed that the tires were worn which might explain the decreased mobility that I’d observed so I requested the tires be replaced. In the process of doing that repair, Ben noticed that two of the three internal belts that actually drive the wheels had broken.  He replaced these belts for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this firm, their service, and their prices.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by J.R. in Trophy Club, TX

After using several other pool service companies, we’ve been with Southlake Pools for the last couple of years now.  They provide weekly service (cleaning, checking equipment, etc) as well as additional repair service when needed.  Recently, after having issues with a salt cell, our original pool builder wanted to upgrade our equipment for several thousand dollars. I immediately contacted Ben, the owner of Southlake Pools, and asked him about the possible upgrade. He gave me a number of very good reasons to save my money, recommending I simply replace the existing salt cell with a new unit.  And he was able to do it for a lot less money than my pool builder offered. I cannot say enough good things about this company, as they are professional and timely (they clean our pool the same day every week) and definitely able to help with any issues that come up. I can call or email and get a quick response.   Ben has proven time and time again that he and his crew are trustworthy and in business to help their customers. I highly recommend Southlake Pools for any service or repair your pool may need.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by S.R. in Grapevine, TX

I have been nothing BUT impressed with the professionalism, expertise, follow thru and pricing. I asked them to treat my pool as if it was their own and that is exactly what has happened. We’ve been using them for 3 months now and will continue!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by S.G. in Bedford, TX

I contacted Southlake Pools after repeated “No Shows” from my prior pool company. When I called the office, I reached the owner Ben. This was a welcomed change as I never got a real person any time I called my previous pool company. Ben came out within a couple of hours, surveyed my pool and quoted me for weekly service. To my surprise… it was less than what I was currently paying. He also suggested that I repair my coping which I did hire them to do. I was very pleased with the job performed and my weekly pool service has been first class! Very responsive and professional! It was a pleasure to have a company that actually listened to me! I have 4 dogs which can be a little skittish around new people. I have a regular time and day with Southlake Pools, which I really appreciate. I especially appreciate that I receive an email right after the cleaning (which the guys send via I-Pads) that the pool cleaning is complete and notes any problems. This is a great company, very responsive, great communication and respectful. I am so happy I found them on Angie’s List!!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by Don B.in Grapevine, TX

They were very professional and courteous, knowledgeable and very quick. I would definitely use them again if needed.


Review by  Customer in Grapevine, TX

Project: Repair or Service Swimming Pool or Accessories – In Ground  They were great!


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by M. L. in Grapevine, TX

Pool & Spa Service and Repair My pool stoped working! The pump was not having any suction and the water was turning green. I called Southlake pools and they were there within 15 minutes. I was amazed!!!  and on top of all, He did not charged me since the problem was so simple! I will definitelly will use them again and I am looking in getting his weekly pool services!!! Excellent!!!


Review by Paul H. in Southlake, TX

Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool Started the service in a timely and professional manner. Showed tennant that pool was safe to swim in at current clorine levels. We are leasing the house and living out of town.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by R. A. in Southlake, TX

Pool & Spa Service and Repair Ben Rushing came out and met with me.  I had purchased a house with a pool. He spent a lot of time showing me all the pool equipment.  He was very friendly. Repaired a leak the next week.  Very responsive. I signed up for a weekly pool service also.  Very happy with them.


Review by Tracey J. in Grapevine, TX

Project: Repair or Service Swimming Pool or Accessories – In Ground

He called me right away and was able to come by in 20 minutes to diagnose the problem. A tech was sent out a little later to correct it and I felt the charge was most fair.


Review by Terry T. in Keller, TX

Project: Repair or Service Swimming Pool or Accessories – In Ground        

Timely and very knowledgeable.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D. F. in Trophy Club, TX

We have been using this company for the last year, for weekly pool maintenance. They show up on a regular day each week, clean the pool and decking area, empty filters, and check the equipment. The maintenance crew has always been very friendly and willing to answer any questions. The owner is very responsive via email to any concerns or questions we have. FYI, I have not yet used them to repair any equipment as my original pool company still does warranty on it. But Southlake Pools did re-seal the coping for us a few months ago and did a good job. They send us an email bill once a month, which we can easily pay online. Last winter, to save money, we opted for twice a month checks instead of every week, but this year—due to warmer weather—we are having them continue the weekly visits.


Review by Vickie P. in Keller, TX

Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool They were prompt and did a great job!


Review by Melissa B. in Grapevine, TX Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool

They do a great job maintaining my pool!

03/15/11 Review by Becky D. in Southlake, TX

Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool Quick to respond to my call, and very nice folks.


Review by Rebekah D. in Southlake, TX Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool

Ben from Southlake Pools is a wonder. Not only did he scope out three problems with the pool in a short time frame, he explained them to me and showed me how he resolved the problems in a way that I understood. After calling two other pool service companies, I have found the right person.


“A” Rating Review on Angie’s List by D. H. in Colleyville, TX

Southlake Pools converted my chlorine pool to a salt water pool. They also fixed an issue with the pool. I called them to come fix the issue and he said he was right up the street with a crew and could he come right then. I run a summer camp and told him I needed the new salt system up, running and looking good the first day of camp. The morning of the first day of camp I came outside to find him cleaning my pool. I asked him what he was doing there and he said I had a few extra minutes this morning and I knew you wouldn’t. It blew me way. They have excellent customer service.


Review by Rosemarie B. in Southlake, TX Project: Clean or Maintain a Swimming Pool

Southlake Pools has been my pool service for a year and half. My pool is always clean and sparkling. Southlake Pools is the BEST in all of Southlake for pool service. I have used others and this one is the BEST. They keep my equipment running and auto cleaners running even though my pool equipment is over 15 years old. They always come on time and call you if there are equipment issues and always keep pool sparkling.


Review by a customer in Colleyville, TX Project: Service a Swimming Pool for Opening or Closing

We have received excellent personal service from Ben Rushing. He has done everything we asked and bent over backwards to help us with our pool.


Review by Darryl B. in Grapevine, TX Project: Repair or Service Swimming Pool or Accessories – In Ground

Ben from Southlake pools came to my home and gave a positive assessment to what appeared to be a swamp for a pool in my back yard. He checked all pool equipment and assured me that we would be swimming in no time at all. To our surprise, they had the pool clean and clear within a week and we now enjoy swimming and entertaining pool parties. I almost forgot… They also conduct a weekly cleanup and chemical check of our pool, leaving me worry free to swim all summer with my family! I highly recommend Southlake pools to all pool owners. To have peace of mind is priceless! Let the Pro’s do the work!


Review by David C. in Grapevine, TX Project: Service a Swimming Pool for Opening or Closing

Very prompt and professional, online billing and payment is very convenient. Thank you.


Southlake Pools are extremely professional and attentive, I would recommend Ben and his crew to anyone looking for excellent pool service in the Metroplex area! J.O. Coppell, TX


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