Southlake Pools Weekly Service Agreement

Southlake Pools Weekly Service Agreement


This service agreement is meant to outline the responsibility of Southlake Pools as well as the responsibility of the customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner. This agreement is for year round full service weekly pool cleaning.


SAFETY ISSUES- The customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner is responsible for keeping the pool, pool equipment and swimming area code compliant with the city on issues such as but not limited to Fencing, Gates, Backwash/ Waste Lines, GFCI Plugs and Breakers, Grounding and Bonding and all other applicable safety issues.


TESTING OF THE POOL WATER- Factors such as rain, the use of pesticides or fertilizers, pollution, the use of suntan oils, spills of chemicals or other household products added to the pool water accidentally or intentionally can dramatically change the waters chemical levels and possibly cause problems.

Southlake Pools will check chlorine levels, Ph levels, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and phosphate levels and salt levels for salt-water pools.  Salt, chlorine and Ph will be adjusted weekly and are part of the normal chemical adjustment under this agreement and included in the pricing. All others will be checked and adjusted as needed and MAY be an additional cost.


WATER LEVEL- The customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner is responsible for keeping the pools water at the correct level.  Southlake Pools is not responsible for turning on or off the pools water or for any equipment damage resulting from low pool water levels.


CLEANING THE POOL- Each week the surface of the water and pool plaster will be netted for leaves and debris.  The walls and floors will be brushed and vacuumed as needed.  The skimmer baskets, pump/ motor basket and the cleaner bag/net will be emptied.  The filter will be backwashed if needed between filter cleanings at no additional cost.


CHEMICALS- All basic chemicals will be checked and adjusted (Chlorine, Ph, Shock, Muratic Acid, Soda Ash, Salt, D.E.) on a weekly basis. All Chemicals are stored in our trucks and will not be left at the pool.  Occasionally additional algaecides or phosphate remover may be needed at additional cost.


EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE- The equipment will be inspected weekly.  Any minor issues that are noticed will be noted and/or repaired.  Cleaners will need routine maintenance and filters will be cleaned a minimum of twice a year.  If there has been bad weather resulting in excess “nature” getting into the pool or if the pool has a cartridge filter, additional filter cleanings may be required.  Each filter cleaning is $100.00 plus tax plus parts if/as necessary. During a filter cleaning, the pool equipment and cleaner will also be inspected. During this inspection, parts that are worn out from normal use or damaged will be replaced in a proactive manner to ensure the equipment is working correctly and keeping the pool as clean as possible. Examples are as follows but not limited to skimmer baskets, pump baskets, o-rings, check valves, cleaner tires, bags, wheels, turbines, bearings, screws, suction plates, filter grids, filter manifolds, filter cartridges, gauges, etc.

If parts are replaced during the filter clean, pool equipment and cleaner inspection it will come at additional cost.  The additional cost associated with the additional parts will be at Southlake Pools normal retail rate.  With approval of this program, you are giving Southlake Pools permission to replace bad, failed, worn out, failing, etc. parts as deemed necessary by the Southlake Pools tech performing the work. No exceptions


SERVICE DAYS- Southlake Pools will notify the customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool on what day of the week their pool will be serviced.  Please understand that Southlake Pools will make every effort to come on the same day every week, but due to unknown variables such as but not limited to bad weather, sickness, family illness, vehicle repair, holidays the pool may be cleaned on another day of the week.  The pool will be cleaned, we do not “skip” pools, we clean pools year round.


PETS AND GATE LOCKS- The customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner is responsible for keeping the gate unlocked or provide Southlake Pools with a way to get to the pool and equipment. The customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner is also responsible for keeping their pets a properly arranged for ahead of time.  Please see that they are either in the house or in a kennel when the pool is being serviced.  Neither Southlake Pools or its employees will be responsible for pets getting out of the yard or their kennel.  If the gate is locked or unsafe pets are in the back yard the pool cannot be serviced, but the customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner will still be invoiced for that stop.


PAYMENT TERMS- Payments are expected by the due date on the invoice.  Please ensure that they are so that Southlake Pools can keep its costs down and keep yours down as well.  Repair work and regular equipment maintenance work will be billed immediately and payment will be due upon receipt.


IT’S STILL YOUR POOL- Although the goal of having a pool service is not having to maintain the pool yourself, it is still your pool.  You should check is periodically.  Check the water level.  Listen for strange sounds. Check and watch the system for normal operation during freezing weather. Look for normal circulation.

Look for normal circulation.  If you note a problem, please contact us immediately.  Sometimes a small problem corrected can prevent a large expense later.


HOMEOWNER WARRANTY- It is the customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner is responsibility for letting Southlake Pools know if there is a homeowner warranty that covers the pool and or equipment.  Southlake Pools does not do work for any homeowner warranty company, but is happy to let you know if a repair call should be made to them which should save significant money.  If Southlake Pools is not notified of any such warranty and a repair is performed then the customer/home owner/tenant/resident/pool owner is responsible for paying for the repairs made by Southlake Pools.


Weekly Service is a taxable service.


This agreement may be updated at anytime.