Salt System Cleaning

Salt system cleaning

Unfortunately salt systems are not an install and forget pieces of equipment.  At Southlake Pools, we recommend having you filter cleaned at least twice a year and at a minimum your salt cell checked at the time of filter cleaning.  For best performance of your salt system, the cell should be checked every three months. 

The Hayward Aqua Rite® salt chlorination system, has a built-in reminder to check the cell for need of cleaning.  This is a nice feature and aids in preventing unnecessary damage to the salt cell.

To clean the salt cell, the fins inside the salt cell need to be cleaned with a correctly diluted acid/water mixture.  The acid in the solution removes calcium build up that prevents the cell performing as intended and also blocking water flow.  Using a solution that has too much acid, can easily damage the cell and may require replacing the entire cell. 



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