Filter Cleaning

Dirty DE Filter

Dirty DE Filter

Pool Filter Cleaning – Diatomaceous Earth and Cartridge Filters.

     Having a clean and correctly working filter can be the most important thing to having a clean pool.  If your pool filter is dirty and covered in algae like the one pictured here, your pump has to work even harder to circulate the water.  When this happens, the filtration of the water is not very effective and can get behind giving algae an opportunity to grow.  We generally perform a pool filter cleaning twice a year. Once at the beginning of the swimming season and once at the end.  Depending on what type of filter you have, its size, and if there have been any extreme storms, your pools filter may need additional cleaning.

There are two main types of pool filters that we perform service on:

•  D.E. or Diatomaceous Earth Filters

•  Cartridge Filters

D.E. Filters can recover a dirty pool quicker than a Cartridge Filter, but there are more parts inside that may need replacement.  Cartridge Filters have fewer parts that may break inside and no additional chemical or powder that needs to be added to them, but depending on how dirty the pool gets, they could need cleaning 3-4 times a year or more.

Prices for filter cleaning start at $95.00 + tax + parts as necessary.

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