Drain, Acid and Pressure Wash

Pool Acid and Pressure Wash

Unfortunately, there are times in a pools life when it does makes sense to completely drain the water and perform a pool acid and pressure wash.  This service is usually reserved for pools that have algae or stains that cannot be removed with the normal cleaning process.What is involved?

If necessary, technicians from Southlake Pools will bring our equipment (heavy-duty pumps, acid, pressure washers) out to your pool and begin the process for a pool drain, acid, and pressure wash.

  • First we will drain the water from the pool – pool drain
  • Then coat the plaster surfaces with a water and acid mix, to a help release the stain or algae – acid wash
  • Pressure wash the acid mixture coated surface – pressure wash
  • Remove dirty water
  • Clean the filter
  • Fill the pool
  • Add necessary chemicals or salt and start the equipment again

If you have a question about the condition of your pool needing a pool drain, acid and pressure wash, please let us know.  We do not like to waste water so we would be happy to stop by and give a free estimate!

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