Additional Services

Southlake Pools is a full service pool company, specializing in weekly pool service and equipment repair.

We can provide repairs from top to bottom, automation, pump replacement, filter cleans, pool cleaners, or a complete backyard remodel!

Southlake Pools Additional Services:

What ever your needs are, please feel free to ask for our help and/or our advice.

Filter Cleaning Service

Aside from keeping the correct water level in your pool, having a clean and correctly working filter is one of the most important aspects of keeping a pool clean! Our filter service at Southlake Pools involves our service technician completely disassembling your pools filter, cleaning all parts, inspecting them for damage and replacing parts as necessary.

Salt System Cleaning Service

A salt system, or natural chlorine generator, is a wonderful convenience for your pool and its swimmers.  Just like the filter, the salt cell does need to be cleaned and maintained so that it is able to work as it was designed.  The fins inside the salt cell need to be cleaned with a correctly diluted acid/water mixture.  Southlake Pools can clean your salt cell for you.

Salt System Conversion Service

If you have a traditionally Chlorine sanitized pool and are interested in a salt system conversion, Southlake Pools will be happy to discuss your options.  Salt systems work by separating the salt (NaCl) into Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) allowing the naturally generated Chlorine to do the job that Chlorine tabs generally do.  After the natural Chlorine has done its job, it bonds back up with the Sodium (Na) to turn back into salt to start the cycle again.  Please call Southlake Pools to discuss salt system conversions.

Cleaner Repair Service

There are two main types of automatic pool cleaners- Suction and Pressure.  Each type of cleaner requires specific repair parts and maintenance. From bags, to tires and bearings, Southlake Pools can help keep your cleaner working and help keep your pool clean.

Pool Safety Fences

When children are present in the house or around the pool, a safety fence can help prevent unwanted accidents.  Southlake Pools can install a black mesh pool safety fence in  4 or 5 foot tall sections with or without a gate with a self-closing magnetic latch that is lockable!

Heaters Service

Having a heater for your pool or spa can help extend your swimming season or keep your spa hot even during the middle of winter.  Interested in a heater upgrade or need your current one repaired?  We can help with all of you heater needs.  Please ask us about the new efficient natural gas heaters.  Call or email Southlake Pools with your swimming pool heater needs.

Drain, Acid Wash, Pressure Wash Service

While it is not very common, there are times that water chemistry has gotten out of balance and the only solution is to partially or completely drain the pool to correct the issue.  If your pool has been sitting for an extended period of time without the equipment running, it can be less expensive to drain the pool instead of trying to turn the pool around.  Southlake Pools can also acid and pressure wash your pool to bring out a portion of the original shine!  If you have a question about the condition of your pool needing a drain or acid wash, please let us know.  We do not like to waste water so we would be happy to stop by and give a free estimate!

Mastic Service

The technical term is Mastic, but it is essentially the caulking between your pool decking and the coping (brick or stone) around the perimeter of your pool.  Having good mastic prevents water from seeping down under your pool decking and behind the shell of your pool.  This is especially important to correct before the winter arrives and freezing temperatures turn that water into ice and cause damage.  Schedule to has your mastic replaced by Southlake Pools.

Remodel Service

Just like the rest of the house, the pool shows its age as it gets older.  From a white plaster only to a complete remodel with upgraded plaster such as  River Rok, with new coping, tile, or additional features, Southlake Pools can help you bring your vision to reality.

Freeze Protection Service

At Southlake Pools, we feel that having working freeze protection on your equipment, it can save you THOUSANDS of dollars.  The repairs to the freeze protection are usually expensive, please let us know if you would like to schedule a freeze protection check.

Pumps,  Motors – Service

From the repair of your existing pump or motor to a complete replacement of either, Southlake Pools is licensed for both and can help your with your needs.

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